What are the components of Sales Smart CRM?

Broadly speaking, Sales Smart has five (5) modules, those are:

  • Administration – where one can do self-setup of the CRM environment by setting up user Levels, user Hierarchies, Users and assign them to those hierarchies and levels. Users data access is based on their hierarchies or roles within an organization. Departments / Business units, their corresponding solutions. Sales stages and their corresponding probability factors (confidence factors of wining those deals), etc.
  • Accounts – accounts / clients are the entity with which sales teams associate the sales opportunities. Thus, in this module they defined the accounts related information.
  • Opportunities – this section brings the whole organization on the same page of what opportunities active, and what stage and what actions are required to successfully close those. All opportunities related information is entered, updated and monitored using this module.
  • Marketing -
  • Support -
  • Reports – allows a flexible and filter based reports to drill down to any levels and information to extract relevant and up-to-minute status of the progress.
  • Dashboards – allows the organization to be on the same page, and provides one view of enterprise performance. These dashboards can also be schedule to send automatically to relevant teams / management members so that they have one-view of the sales organization.
What is a Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support.The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, service and retain those the company already has, entice former clients to return, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service.Customer relationship management describes a company-wide business strategy including customer-interface departments as well as other departments.Measuring and valuing customer relationships is critical to implementing this strategy.

How can I pay?

By EFT is most effective, banking details will be supplied on request.

Are my data treated with confidentiality and privacy?

We respect copyright and confidentiality of each customer on all their data, non-disclosure agreements is welcome, and is also part of our standard User Agreement.

How do I get a quote?

Please provide details via our Online Request For Quote Form or email sales@sms-crm.com.

Money back guarantee – can I get my money fully refunded if I do not like the software and user experience.

We provide 100% money back guarantee to our customers, if they decide not to continue within first two weeks of their signup, after a month it will be charged 50% as a refund / cancellation charge, beyond that no refunds are entertained as we have commissioned a full infrastructure setup for the user, thus we would not be able to entertain refunds after the first month of sign-up.

What are the lead-times for Order processing?

24 hours- 5 working days (this includes providing you Administrator’s guidelines and one of our TAM – technical account manager, be assigned to you, in case you need any technical support in setting up your environment)