Sales Smart Features

Sales Smart CRM is comprised of four (4) main features. Sales Smart is designed and developed with the vision to allow small and medium businesses to map their business needs to this software, and with no requirements of any technical expertise in order to setup or use the it.


This module allows you to setup the software according to your business needs, and provides easy administration of the system.

Company setup

Company setup takes the basis info of your Organization contact details. Basic financial details like starting month of your Financial Year, Currency setup, and number of months in a quarter etc.

User levels are defined here, which allow you to manage which level is allowed to see which modules in the system.  Module management allows you to allow / disallow a particular module for a particular user level.

Hierarchy management is one of the key elements of this system. All data in the system is based on hierarchical (roles-based) access. Thus, a user on the top has complete view of the organizational data. Peers (users at same level) would have no access to each other’s data (unless allowed though share or transfer of an opportunity). Data access is of self and one level below (i.e. people who are reporting to you and under you in your organizational hierarchy). Therefore, it’s important to setup hierarchy properly to have proper data access levels defined. System automatically adjusts to data level access as changes are made in hierarchical setup.


Add users to the system and assign them to their relevant user levels and organizational hierarchies (roles)


Opportunity related setup, which allows you to setup opportunity types, lead sources, business units (departments), solutions etc.

Data Management

You have full access of your data, thus backup and restore enables you to ensure your data is safe and with you. Users are responsible to ensure their data is regularly backed up. Sales Smart, will do its best to ensure data backups but will not be responsible in any incident of data loss. Please refer to Terms of Service.


Makes you feel at home. This feature allows you to customize the software to match and map to your organizational setup. You can define your own requirements for data / information you want to keep for your accounts (clients), opportunities, marketing and even support forms, reports and dashboards.

You setup your own timings to receive automated emails of dashboards at any given time of a day, week etc.

Sales Automation

It is extremely important that the whole sales team in an organization is on the same page, when they say the opportunity is at 40% or 80% so that all sales efforts and put in that direction to see that opportunity is safely home and go for more wins.

Sales automation provides state of art sales form, which can be customized as per your needs. However, this form is more than a simple data entry form. This provides you a complete process-flow of a sales process. A typical sales effort starts from a suspect, efforts undergo to convert that suspect into a prospect, further time and effort goes into convert it into a sales opportunity (i.e. to have a compelling need, requirement, amount and target date) to close that opportunity.

Thus, this sales form put the whole organization on a joint sales process and frequency where top to bottom everyone speaks one language and knows where to put the best efforts in a sales cycle (process) to win more for the organization.

Marketing Automation

While sales teams are busy in closing sales leads, but one must not forget the important aspect of creating more leads (suspects) to convert them into prospects and opportunities.

This marketing tool, provides you to have a central repository of all leads coming from mail shots, marketing events, networking sessions etc. Thus, marketing teams can keep pumping in more leads in the system, and can also pass on to relevant sales teams to see if those can be converted into prospects and opportunities. thus, a very important element in a sales i.e. prospecting never stops.

Customer Support

It always takes five (5) times more efforts to win a new customer, than to retain the current one. So why not, link customer support to the system and not only ensure customer satisfaction but also look for more opportunities.

Problems = Opportunities, and bigger the problem bigger the opportunity. So we never stop thinking positively and keep looking for opportunities to server the customer best.

This allows sales, marketing and support on the same wavelength, and everyone plays their integral part in keeping the customers and winning more and repeat businesses.